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Prof. Dr. Ana Proykova
Atomic Physics Department, room V25
tel: (++359 2) 8161-828
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Ana Proykova

Full Professor in Physics at the University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics

Master of Science (1974), Ph.D. in Physics (1981), Doctor Habil (2008)

Tel:(+359)-2-8161 828 Fax: + 359 -2 - 622546

e-mail: anap @

Current Positions at the University of Sofia

High-level management & advisory positions at the European Commission:

- Vice-chair of the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), European Commission (April, 2013 elected for 3 years)

- Advisor, European Commission (January 2014 – at present) – Future and Emergent Technologies (Directorate General Connect); Science With and For Society (Direcotrate General Research and Innovation); Gender Advisory Group (DG RTD)

- Member, Program Committee NMP+B, DG Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020

- Delegate to the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) (2007 – at present)

- Member of the European Integration Committee, European Physical Society (2012- at present)

at National and International levels

- President, National Center on Nanotechnologies, hosted by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) (elected 2010, June – at present)

- Chair of the division ”Theory, Modeling, Simulation”, National Centre on Nanotechnology since 2005

- Team leader IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics (2002-at present)

- Co-founder and Board member of the Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology (September, 2012 – at present)

Previous Professional Occupations and Services:

  • Member of SCENIHR, European Commission (EC) (March 2009 – March 2013)

  • Member of the Program Committee NMP (nanomaterials and production) FP7

  • Chair of the Gender committee of the European Physical Society (2008-2012)

  • NSF (national science fund)-Bulgaria: Physics commission (2004-2008}, interdisciplinary commission (2009-2010), Nanotechnology (2002-2004)

  • Member of the Advisory Board

  • Chair of the chapters ”Clusters and Nanoparticles” (2000-2004)

  • Referee of Scientific Papers for Computer Physics Communications, Journal of Chemical Physics, SMALL, Chemical Physics Letters, Internet Journal of Molecular Science

  • Evaluator of scientific proposals (Belgium-FRS-FNRS, Spain, France-CEA, Portugal (2013) EC – FP6: Marie-Curie RTN; FP7: Infso-ICT-Research infrastructures (2009-2010), Infso-FET(2011); People: ITN & IAP & individual fellowships; Horizon 2020)

Editorship, Editorial Boards

  • Editor, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Central European Journal of Physics (2006- at present)

  • Editor of the International Journal of Molecular Science

  • Guest-editor for the special issue of IJMS devoted to the 70’th anniversary of RS Berry

  • Founder and Editor of the annual proceedings "Meetings in Physics @ University of Sofia" (since 1999). Published by Heron Press (Scientific Series) Sofia

Previous management and advisory positions:

  • Vice-dean (International Research Programs), Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia (1999-2003)

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the European Physical Society (2008 – 2012)

  • Bulgarian representative in the Member States Council on the international dialogue on responsible research and development of nanotechnologies (March 2007 – 2011)

  • Vice-President, National Center on Nanotechnologies, hosted by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2004-2010)

  • Member, Advisory Board for the Research at the Universities (Ministry of Education and Science) (2003- 2010)

  • Member of the Founding Board and the Board of Administration of the European Platform of Women in Science (2005-2009)

Member, Executive Board of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria (2001-2004)

  • National Contact Point - Thematic Priority ‘NanoMatPro’, FP6 (2002-2006)

  • Member of the Program Committee on NanoMatPro - FP6 (2003-2006)

  • Member, Advisory Board for International Education and Cultural Exchange Programs, Ministry of Education and Science (2000-2004)

  • Member, National Scientific Commissions: Physics (2002-2004), Nanotechnology (2003 – 2010), Ministry of Education and Science, National Science Fund

Professional visits at other universities and research institutions:

  • 2014 (May) University of Bucharest, Romania

  • 2013 (September) University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy

  • 2013 (April) University of Bilbao, Spain

  • 2012 (September) The University of Chicago, James Franck Institute & The Center of Integrative Research, USA

  • 2012 (May) San Sebastian Technology Park, Spain

  • 2011 (February) The University of Chicago, James Franck Institute & The Center of Integrative Research, USA

  • 2010 (June) Visiting Professor, Gwang-ju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

  • 2009 (April) Visiting Professor, NPL, UK

  • 2008 (October), Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • 2007 (May-June) Visiting Researcher at the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Israel

  • 2006 (February) Visiting Researcher at National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan

  • 2005 (Sep-Nov) & 2001 (February-June)& 2002 (January-February) &1999 &1996 (August-September) Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, USA

  • 2004 (Oct-Nov), 2003 (June), 2002 (March) Visiting Researcher , University of Cologne

  • 2004 (January-February) Visiting Scientist, National University of Singapore

  • 2003 Invited Scholar, Aspen Physics Center, USA (August)

  • 2003 Visiting Scientist at the Department of Physics and Engineering, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva and Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Israel (February-March,2003) ; Visitor at the Hebrew University

  • 2000 Visiting Professor at the University of Nagoya (JSPS Senior Fellow), Japan

  • 1998 (summer semester) Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Nuclear Theory,

University of Washington, USA

  • 1997 (spring semester) Invited Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium

  • 1995 (January-October) Fulbright Professor at the University of Chicago, USA

  • 1994, 1992 Visiting Researcher, Paul Scherer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland

  • 1993 Visiting Researcher at the UCL, Belgium, May-October, (CEC-EU Grant) &1991

  • 1991 (June-July) & 1992 (May-June), 1986 & 1989 (two months) Visiting scholar at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy

  • 1981,1985, 1986, 1989 (summer semesters) Senior Researcher at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, USSR


  • NanoArt – science, art and more, May 11,2014, Sofia Science Festival, organized by the British Council

  • Alice in the Wonderland – how do we understand chirality, April 26,2014 “Open doors”

  • Clusters of atoms and humans, December 7,2013, TEDx Women

  • Modern applications of nanotechnology in medicine; Nov., 25, 2013, Pravetz School for doctoral students in physics, chemistry and medicine

  • Magnetic properties of graphene with vacancies – open questions, Nov.21 , 2013, 15th international conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

  • Widespread use of nano particles - effects on human health and environment, 20 September 2013, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, NANOFORUM

  • Insights into natural processes at the nanoscale, August 23, 2013, Fulbright International Summer Institute

  • Non-collinear magnetism in graphene with vacancies, April 23, 2013, Imagine Nano, Graphene 2013, Bilbao, SPain

  • From Ada Byron to the Biocomputer, April 19, 2013, Sofia University Cultural Institute

  • Lab-on-the-chip: unknown known, February 18, 2013, Meet the leaders, Bulgarian Centre on Women in Technology

  • From atoms to clusters – 20 years of collaboration with RS Berry, 240 Symposium, September, 2012, USA

  • Induced magnetism in defective graphene, invited talk at the Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastian, Spain, May 22, 2012

  • Nanotoxicology – fundamental understanding, JRC - Ispra, Italy, May 14, 2011

  • The unique properties of matter at the nanoscales, The James Frank Institute, The University of Chicago, February 17,2011

  • What is different at the nanoscale? Colloquium – Faculty of Physics, January, 10, 2011

  • Modeling and simulations in Nanometrology, October 29, 2010, CoNanomet, FP7 Project, Sofia

  • The Nanoscience in 2010: how does fundamental research translate into technology, 26.11.2010, 12th Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Varna

  • Metastable states of metallic nanoclusters – size effects”, FET-NMP meeting, Brussels, 27 May 2009

  • Physics at the nanoscale – classical and/or quantum approaches”, 8 May 2009, BAS

  • Modeling Physical Processes at the Nanoscale – Insight into Self-Organization of Small Systems”, October 2008, 3rd ICWIP, Seoul, Korea

  • "Temperature Driven Oriented Order of Molecular Clusters in Nanoscale", International Workshop "Shedding Light on the Nanoworld: Ordered and Disordered Nanostructures",24-28.09.2006, Sunny beach, Bulgaria

  • "Topology of the potential energy surface and the origin of phase changes", BPU6 (22-26.08.2006) Istanbul, Turkey

  • "Self-organization of nanopowders", IEES, BAS, Sofia,09.06.2006

  • "Small Systems - open problems", Taiwan, National Chung-Hsing University, 21.02.2006

  • "Self-organization of Clusters", Taiwan, National Chi Nan University, 15.02.2006

  • "Advanced computational techniques (Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, and Density Functional Theory) for nanosized systems. Temperature-driven Processes in Nanoclusters Governed by Short- and/or Long-Range Potentials", NENAMAT Summer School on "Advanced Nanotechnologies, Testing, Production and Application of Nanoscale Materials", Primorsko, BULGARIA, June 1-7, 2005

  • "Molecular dynamics simulation of gas adsorption and absorption in nanotubes", NATO ASI on CARBON NANOTUBES: from basic research to application, 21-31.05.2005

  • "Methane Clusters at Low Temperatures", Gordon Research Conference on Molecular & Ionic Clusters, September 5-10, 2004, Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France

  • "Mechanical properties of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes", National University of Singapore, February, 6, 2004.

  • "Phase transitions in finite-size systems: cross over between discontinuous and continuous transitions" March, 2, 2003: Ben Gurion University, Department of Physics, Israel

  • "Potential energy surfaces and relations to self-organization of nano-particles" February, 27, 2003: Ben Gurion University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Israel

  • "Cellular Automata Simulation of Medication-Induced Autoimmune Diseases", Bio-mathematics workshop, 2-3 Dec.2003, Sofia.

  • "Self- and Induced Organization of Nanoparticles",3N Workshop- Nanoforum Workshop on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology,October 5-8, 2004, Sinaia, Romania

  • "Simulation Techniques (Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, DFT) for Nanoparticles", European Scientific Foundation Workshop on Microwave techniques for nanoparticles and clusters", Sofia, Sept.23, 2003

  • "Density Functional theory and its applications in nanopowders", 4th Workshop on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Applications to Nanomaterials, Sofia,18-20 Oct.2002

  • "Self-organization of Metallic Nanoparticles: Experimental Observations versus Computational Models", The Third International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics, Romania, June 26-28, 2002

  • "Thermodynamics of Systems with Few degrees of Freedom" UNESCO International Conference on Fundamental Problems and New Perspectives in Thermodynamics, Italy, 17-21 Feb. 2002

  • " Nucleation of Market Shocks in Sornette-Ide model" (co-authors D. Stauffer and L. Roussenova) European Physical Society Conference on Applications of Physics in Financial Analysis, London, 5-7 Dec.2001

  • "Dynamics of Temperature Driven Phase Transitions", Kobe University, Japan, 2000,

  • " Analogues of second-order transitions" Gordon Research Conference on Modern Developments in Thermodynamics, April 18-23, 1999 , Italy,

  • Continuous transitions in small systems”, Invited lecture at the conference dedicated to the Prof. R.S. Berry's 70th Anniversary, 14-17 June, 2001

  • Finite-size scaling analysis of phase changes in small systems – possibilities, open questions”, Institute of Nuclear Theory, University of Washington – 1998:

  • Stopping power of light materialsCatholic University of Louvain, LLN, Belgium - 1997

  • Electron scattering in thin films “, International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) 1993

  • Percolation in two-dimensional systems” International School for Advantage Studies (SISSA), Italy – 1989

  • Tihonov’s regularization in solving Fredholm’s integral equations “,International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) 1991

  • Fourier analysis of Nuclear Spectra “, KFA, Juelich, Germany – 1990:

  • Depth Selective Moessbauer Spectroscopy “, The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, USSR – 1982

  • Determination of neutrino mass in beta decay – advantages and disadvantages (JINR), Dubna, USSR 1986

  • Monte Carlo schemes for charged particle penetration in matter”, (JINR), Dubna, USSR 1989

Invited talks related to Science Policy

  1. Proykova

  • Open calls of NMP-FP7 to be funded in 2013, July 25, 2012

  • Overview of the FP7-NMP calls in 2012, 25.11.2011, 13th Workshop Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2011, Sofia, 25-27.11.2011

  • National, Regional, European, International Associations  of Physicists, Balkan Summer Workshop, 27-29.08.2011, Donji Milanovac, Republic of Serbia

  • Risk Management, 4th annual nanotechnology Safety for Success Dialogue Workshop, 29-30 March 2011, Brussels

  • Lectures (cycle of 4 lectures in the Bulgarian language) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on Financing of Research at State Universities and Science Institutes (March, 23-28.03.2011) – (for details refer to )

  • Large Research Infrastructures – past, present, future, 22.08.2010, 25th International Conference of Physics Students, Gratz, Austria

  • EPS and its activities related to Large Research Infrastructures, 25th International Conference of Physics Students, 22.08.2010, Gratz, Austria

  • A Network of Networks - the European Platform of Women Scientists”, EUMENT-net Regional conference, May 16, 2008

  • Factors leading to the under-representation of women in science and engineering”, Technonav 2008, Konstanta, Romania, May, 23, 2008

  • Learning via research”, 8th Fulbright International Conference dedicated to the 15th аnniversary of the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission and the 120th anniversary of the Sofia University, Sofia, April 11, 2008

  • Academic mobility and international cooperation”, 8th Fulbright International Conference dedicated to the 15th аnniversary of the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission and the 120th anniversary of the Sofia University, Sofia, April 12, 2008

  • Sense of being part of the European science community”, EPWS Debate at the European Parliament, 4th of July 2007 , Brussels

  • European Technology Platforms”, 1.02.2007, FP7 Launching conference, Sofia

  • University Education Today and Tomorrow, 7th Fulbright International Conference, 12 May 2006

  • The challenges of EU integration – curricula, assessment systems, credit system, mobility, competition, 7th Fulbright International Conference, 12 May 2006

  • Evaluation of FP6 proposalsan insight into the evaluation process”, March 2006, University of National and World Economy

Supervisor of Bachelor students (8), Master students (16), Ph.D. students (5), Post-docs (11)

Teaching (fields): Atomic and Nuclear Physics (ANP), Advanced Quantum Physics, Computational and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics; Cluster Physics; Statistical Physics and its Applications

Courses at the University of Sofia:

  • Lecture course: Modeling of physical processes, Master & Ph.D. level

  • Lecture Course: High performance computing, Master Level

  • Lecture course: Parallel programming with MPI (2005-2012) Master level at the Faculty of Mathematics

  • Lecture course: Modeling in finite-size systems (1998- ) Bachelor & Master level

  • Lecture course: Atomic physics and interaction of radiation with matter (2005-at present) Bachelor level (specialization Physics)

  • Lecture course: Atomic and Nuclear Physics for Bachelor Students in Nuclear Chemistry (2007-at present)

  • Lecture course: Atomic and Nuclear Physics for Bachelor students in physics (2003/2004), physics and mathematics (2000-2005)

  • Lecture course: Atomic and Nuclear Physics for Master students in physical chemistry (1997-2002), geophysics (1996-2002)

  • Lecture course in Statistical Methods in Nuclear Physics (1988 -1998) Master program, approved by CEC (Tempus Project 1996 – 1997)

  • Seminar Exercises in Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Classical Electrodynamics (1979-1986)

Teaching (invited at other universities)

  • 2001 Lectures on Mesoscopic physics, Master Level, Plovdiv University

  • 2000 Lectures on "Special Topics in Phase transitions in Small Systems" (Kobe University, Japan)

Research (fields) Finite-size systems including molecular and atomic clusters; low-dimensional discrete systems; self-organization; carbon nanomaterials and their properties

Methods: Monte Carlo simulations, Molecular Dynamics Method, Density functional theory

Recent research topics:

  • Graphene – defects (vacancies); magnetic and optic properties (quantum calculations)

  • Carbon Nanotubes – mechanical and electrical properties (Prof. Jeff Gordon, Israel & Hui Tong Chua, Singapore & Feng-Yin Li, Taiwan & I. Dragieva, BAS, Bulgaria) Funding: Taiwan & Ministry of Education and Science (BG)

  • ‘Adsorption of simple gases on/in carbon nanotubes’ Funding: HPC-Europe, FP6

  • Ab initio calculations of methane adsorption on carbon nanotubes with defects Funding: NSF-Bulgaria & SU Scientific Fund

  • Optimization of Cluster Configurations (genetic algorithm) Funding: SU Scientific Fund

  • Chromium clusters in magnetic field Funding: SU Scientific Fund

Recently funded projects:

  • Co-NANOMET –FP7 project (2009-2011) Modelling and Simulations in Nanometrology (leader of Work Package)

  • IRC-CoSiM (Project 2008-2013) Computer Sciences in the Microworld (coordinator of the project), Funded by the NSF-Bulgaria

  • Centre of Excellence on Innovation Technologies at the U of Sofia (project 2008-2012) (participant) Funded by the NSF-Bulgaria

  • SuperComputer Simulations (CoE) (2008-2012) (participant) Funded by the NSF-BG

Selected Completed Research Projects in collaboration 2000-2010:

  • COOREERS, CA- FP6, NanoMatPro TP3 (Nanoscience, materials, production)

  • Nanoforum, European Union sponsored Thematic Network – FP5

  • Econophysics & Sociophysics (with Prof. D. Stauffer, University of Cologne) Funding: University of Cologne-University of Sofia partnership

  • Molecular and Atomic Clusters, Phase Transitions in Small Systems (The University of Chicago, USA with Prof. RS Berry) Funding: NSF-USA (2002-2006)

  • Magnetic chromium clusters ( with Prof. D. Stauffer, University of Cologne) Funding: University of Cologne-University of Sofia partnership (2004-2005)

  • Ab initio calculations of metal clusters (DFT - code, J. Chelikowski, Minnesota Supercomputing Center, USA, 2001-2004)

  • Finite-Size Scaling Analysis (NATO CLG project with R.S. Berry: 2000-2002)

  • Hydrogen Bond Network & Clatrates (with Prof. Ohmine, Univ. of Nagoya, Japan, 2000)

  • Potential Energy Surface (PES) Analysis of Clusters (JSPS project, Japan: 2000)

Completed research projects: (Principle investigator (coordinator))

  • Molecular and Atomic Clusters, Phase Transitions in Small Systems (NSF-USA project at The University of Chicago, 1995-1998, 1999-2001)

  • Magnetic properties of clusters (Collaborative Linkage Grant – NATO-CLG, 2000-2002)

  • Determination of the pionic mass in the nuclear matter (a project funded by the European Community (EC), held at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Louvain-la-Neuve(LLN), Belgium and ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, 1993-2000)

  • Time-Reversal Violation in Muon Capture Reactions (a collaboration with the Technical University in Zurich (ETH) , Switzerland and Catholic University of Louvain UCL- LLN, Belgium 1992-1999)

  • Ion Stopping in Light Materials (1997- 2000) collaboration with UCL, LLN, Belgium

  • Percolation in 2D: fractals, scaling laws (1993)

  • Finite-Size Scaling Analysis

  • Potential Energy Surface (PES) Analysis (a project with Prof. Ohmine, Nagoya University – JSPS Grant- Senior Fellow)

  • Fourier Analysis of Nuclear Spectra: ill-posed problems in the Nuclear Spectroscopy :a scientific project worked out in JINR, Dubna (1984-1985) and at the University of Sofia (1989-1990)

  • Similarities in electron and muon interactions with homogeneous matter (1982-1983)

  • Depth Selective Moessbauer spectroscopy (1977-1982 )

Languages: Russian, English, Bulgarian – fluent; French, Italian -- reading only

Awards and personal grants:

Visiting Grant EU_SSA (2007, Israel), Research Grant (2006, Taiwan), Research Scientists Exchange Program Singapore-Bulgaria (2003), Diploma for outstanding performance and lasting contribution (2002), Mobility Grant from EU (1993), Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant (1995), TEMPUS (1997), JSPS Fellow (1999), NATO CLG (2001), Visiting Scientists Grant (Israel, 2002)


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